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We have been working very hard to design the new version of our app. It comes with a lot of new, cool features.

The Most Comprehensive Sushi Encyclopedia

With beautiful pictures, authentic pronunciations, up-to-date health warnings, SushiGuru is the best sushi application available.

Write and Read Reviews

Learn from other sushi conneisieurs about the quality of the fish being served nearby. Contribute your thoughts, too!

Keep Your Sushi Diary

Take private notes about your experiences in restaurants eating sushi. Bookmark your favorite ones for your next sushi meal.

Socially Sushi

Take pictures of your sushi and share on Facebook or Twitter when you've written a review!

Easy to use

We put the 'ease' in Japanese with our detailed explanations and
helpful pronunciations for over 200 fish used in sushi worldwide.

Search Sushi by English or Japanese Name
Our Sushi Explorer lets you scroll through beautiful images of fish, or by alphabetical English or Japanese (Romaji) name.

Mercury Warnings for Fish
Thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, SushiGuru provides informational warnings about the Mercury levels in fish used for Sushi.

Recommended Sushi
Like a specific sushi? Be sure to click on the book icon to see other sushi you might like. These are created by the flavor and texture profile that has been compiled for the fish.

Now, With Reviews

SushiGuru is now a social application enabling you to write reviews of sushi at specific restaurants. This helps the SushiGuru community know where to go for the best of the best sushi.
Contribute by posting pictures of your favorite sushi!

You're taking pictures of your sushi anyway!
True foodies love taking pictures of their food. We've made it easy for true SushiGurus to share their expertise about sushi by sharing reviews.

Restaurant Specific
When restaurants source their fish, there are many options. These options are not always apparent to the diner. SushiGuru helps find the best sushi in town so you know where to go for the specific types of fish you want to enjoy.

Share on Facebook or Twitter
Share your sushi picture on Facebook or Twitter so your friends can download SushiGuru and learn more about your favorite food.

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