Small water snails called Japanese babylon.

Battleship Roll

Literally a ‘Battleship Roll’. Gunkan is a type of sushi consisting a rice ball wrapped in a sheet of nori which extends in a cylinder upward to hold a loose topping like fish eggs.

Sea Pineapple

The sea pineapple is most commonly eaten raw as sashimi, simply by slicing the animal vertically, removing the internal organs and serving them with vinegared soy sauce. It is also sometimes salted, smoked, grilled, deep-fried, or dried. In Korea, sea pineapple is also made into kimchi.


Fish cake made from pounded whitefish mixed with cornstarch, formed into a sausage shape and cooked.

Gizzard Shad

The shads or river herrings are related to the herring. They are distinct from others by having a deeper body and spawning in rivers. The several species frequent different areas on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea. The shad lives for a year or two in fresh water.

Young Tuna

Young tuna. Tuna are several species of ocean-dwelling carnivorous fish. Tunas are very fast swimmers—they have been clocked at 70 km/h (45 mph)—and include several species that are warm-blooded. Unlike most fish species, which have white flesh, tuna have flesh that is pink to dark red. The red coloring comes from tuna muscle tissue’s greater […]

Springtime Halfbeak

The halfbeaks (family Hemiramphidae) are a geographically widespread and numerically abundant family of epipelagic fish inhabiting warm waters around the world. The family Hemiramphidae is divided into two subfamilies, the primarily marine Hemiramphinae and the freshwater or estuarine Zenarchopterinae. The halfbeaks are named for their distinctive jaws, in which the lower jaws are significantly longer […]

Pickled daikon.


Lobe-leaf seaweed, possibly dried, in long, dark green strands