Roasted Sushi

A term for sushi that consists of nigiri sushi with a fish topping that is partly grilled and partly raw.


Giant, long white radish, sweeter than round, red radishes.


The daggertooth pike conger or pike eel is usually served cooked.

A fried tofu bag that contains vinegared rice and vegetables.


Flounder, flatfish. The most obvious characteristic of the flatfish is their asymmetry, with both eyes lying on the same side of the head in the adult fish. In some families, the eyes are always on the right side of the body, and in others, they are always on the left. The primitive spiny turbots include […]


Prawn that are typically boiled before used as sushi.


Whitebait, icefish or salangid. Icefishes or noodlefishes are a family, the Salangidae, of osmeriform fish, related to the smelts. They are found in freshwater environments in Southeast Asia, although a few species are anadromous, spending most of their life in coastal waters, and only visiting fresh water to spawn. They have translucent or transparent bodies, […]

Whole dried hot red peppers.