Raw Fish

A Sushi term for raw fish served chilled, sliced, and arranged without rice.

A term for Osaka-style sushi that creates squares of pressed rice topped with vinegared/cooked fish.

A term for a ball made with plain steamed rice filled with various stuffings and possibly wrapped in seaweed.

Nori Maki

A sushi term for a roll made with seaweed. In Osaka, it is the same as Futomaki or Thick Roll.

A term for sushi fish that are not kept alive after they are caught.

A term for simmered or boiled foods.

Silver Skinned Fish

Hikari Mono is sushi topped with fish that has a silvery skin, with the skin usually left on. The fish used can be Gizzard Shad, young Sea Bream, Halfbeak, Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, and Sardine.

A Sushi bar term for the fish topping in nigiri sushi.


A term for broiled foods marinated in a sweet soy sauce


A term that is used in food to mean raw, and in beer, to mean Draught.